Indie Starter
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Speed Up Your
Startup Launch

Build unlimited SaaS products with Indie Starter Kit. Remove the hassle and save days of work.

> git clone indie-starter

Cutting-edge industry-standard technology stack!

  • SupabaseSupabase
  • Next.jsNext.js
  • StripeStripe
  • TailwindTailwind
  • ShadcnShadcn
  • TypeScriptTypeScript
  • UmamiUmami
  • ResendResend

⏰ Launching a Startup is Time Drain

+7 hrsRepo setup and configuration

+5 hrsStyle solution setup

+5 hrsSEO tags

+2 hrsAuthentication setup

+3 hrsPayment integration

∞overthinking & experimenting...

All you need to speed up your SaaS launch! πŸš€

πŸ”’ Authentication

Magic links configuration Guided tutorial for logging in using Google Storing user data in Supabase Securing confidential areas

+4 hours saved

πŸ—„οΈPostgres for DB

Supabase provides a Postgres DB, the most reliable DB in the market

+3 hours saved

πŸ” SEO

Meta tags for Google ranking Incorporating OpenGraph tags for social media sharing Sitemap generation automated to expedite Google indexing Structured data markup for enhanced Rich Snippets

+2 hours saved

πŸ’΅ Payments

Generate checkout sessions Manage webhooks for account updates (subscriptions, one-time payments...) Steps for setting up your account & preventing chargebacks

+5 hours saved

πŸ“ˆ Analytics

Integration with Umami, Google Analytics

+1 hours saved

πŸ–ŒοΈ Customizable UI

Leveraging TailwindCSS and Shadcn for the UI components

+7 hours saved

πŸ” Auth with Supabase

Authentication backend & frontend that is all set to go, including magic links, social logins, and email templates.

-> Magic Links

You can easily add any oAuth provider like Google, and Github

-> Social logins

You can easily add any oAuth provider like Google

-> Email Templates

Inline styled email templates to be used in Supabase

-> Auth components

Auth buttons, layout, and assest are already completed


πŸ–ŒοΈ Style with Tailwind & shadcn/ui

Minimize the time dedicated to styling, setup, and configurations

UI components

Pre-built auth components, reusable components, and more

Dark Mode

Dark mode has already been incorporated and can be switched with a button.

Reliable and robust starting point


Catch errors at
build time

Powered by TypeScript, for a better DX and enhanced code quality. It's a great starting point for your next project.


Catch errors at
run time

Powered by Zod, a TypeScript-first schema declaration and validation library. Secure and reliable runtime experience.

Is Indie Starter only for indie hackers?

No, you can use it to boost your learning, grasp insights into project architecture, effectively structure code, and develop production-ready software.

πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We’ve got the answers! Stumped? Contact us by chat or email, no worries!

    • How do I get access to the boilerplate code❓

      Right after you buy it, you'll get a link to connect your Github account to the private Indie Starter repository. Once that's done, you can clone the template and begin developing your project.

    • App router or pages router❓

      App router, Next.js replaces the pages router with the app router. the pages router might be removed in future versions of Next.js.

    • What am I allowed to do with the Indie Starter❓

      You are allowed to build unlimited projects with it (commercial projects too). You are not allowed to resell the code or parts of it. You are also not allowed to publish the code or parts of it as a template or boilerplate.

    • Can I get a refund?❓

      Since this product is non-returnable, refunds aren't usually an option after you've redeemed access. But if you're unsure about the product, feel free to hit me up with any questions you've got. Found a bug? Shoot me a report, and I'll help you out!

    • How ofter do you update Indie Starter❓

      At least once a month, my stack is your stack, so I will keep it updated.

    • Can I get a refund❓

      Once you gain access to the repository, Indie Starter becomes permanently yours and isn't eligible for a refund.