Initialize Supabase

After filling in your Supabase URL and Key in the .env.local configuration, you can set up Supabase in your application.

To access Supabase, choose from the following utility functions:

On the client-side

React Example of using Supabase client in client-side can be found in src\components\auth\social-logins.tsx

import {createClient} from "@/lib/supabase/client";

const Component = () => {
  const supabase = createClient();
  // do something with supabase

  return <div>...</div>

On the server-side

React Example of using Supabase client in server-side can be found in src\actions\signin-with-otp.tsx

// in SERVER-SIDE e.g api routes or React Server Components
import {createClient} from "@/lib/supabase/server";
import { cookies } from "next/headers";

const serverAction = async () => {
  const supabase = createClient(cookies());
  // do something with supabase
Setup DB