Resend enable you to do two things: sending emails (like magic links) and forwarding emails to another email account.

Resend setup

  • Setup a Resend account and get an API key.
  • Validate your domain name in Resend
  • install the Resend package in your project
pnpm add resend

Using Resend

Using Resend is pretty straighforward, you can check the example in the repo or head over to the Resend documentation

you can create an API for sending emails or just use it as a function in your API routes.

Integrate with Supabase

Supabase has a built-in email service that you can use for testing, but it has a rate limit. If you want to go to production, you have to use a third-party service like Resend, Mailgun, Postmark or Sendgrid.

To setup Resend with Supabase, you need to setting -> authentication -> SMTP Settings and enable custom SMTP Supabase has great documentation on how to setup SMTP. You can find it here

Once it is setup, Supabase will use it for sending emails such as magic links.


Resend has a React email template library, you can use it to build beautiful email templates. You can find it here